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CVD Manufacturing Method Graphene Foam is Highly Resistant to Compression

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CVD Manufacturing Method Graphene Foam is Highly Resistant to Compression

CVD Manufacturing Method Graphene Foam is Highly Resistant to Compression

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CVD Manufacturing Method Graphene Foam is Highly Resistant to Compression

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The 3D Graphene Foam is made via chemical vapor deposition (CVD) processing. In course of CVD fabrication of graphene hydrogen and methane gases are introduced into a furnace that heats to 1000° Celsius. In the furnace is a nickel or copper film which captures a mono or multi-layer or graphene as the furnace is heated and the methane decomposes.

To create CVD Graphene Foam, instead of using a thin sheet of nickel to capture graphene, nickel or copper foam is used. The metal foam captures graphene in a similar foam structure. The metal skeleton is then etched away and left is a visible, porous 3D graphene foam structure.

This structure has a high surface area, which opens several exciting applications for Graphene Foam while maintaining most of two-dimensional graphene’s properties1.CVD processing of Graphene Foam opens a cost-effective route for engineering a new class of ultra-light, highly conductive graphene-based materials with exceptional mechanical strength, flexibility, and elasticity.

Weight of per unit area : 0.5-0.9 mg/cm2.

Size of branches: 50-200 microns.

Characteristic of large aperture: 200-500 microns.

The macroscopic size of the sample: does not exceed 2 cm'in width and 4 cm in length.

The macroscopic color:grey.


1. It has good conductivity and is an excellent light porous conductive carrier.

2. On this substrate, we can grow a variety of oxide and hydroxide nanoarrays such as nickel oxide, cobalt oxide, cobalt trioxide, ferric oxide, cobalt hydroxide, nickel hydroxide, tungsten oxide, vanadium oxide, titanium oxide and so on.


Sample size

100*100mm  The size can be customized


1.2 mm-1.6mm


4 mg/cm3

Pore Size

580 microns


 in sealed membrane box 












The size can be customized

3D Graphene Foam

Graphene Foam

graphene foam

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  1 Standard exported package: Internal anticollision protection, external export wooden box packaging.

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  3 Responsible for the damage during the shipping process, will change the damaged part for you for free.


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