• Multiple battery lab machine lines completed

    Multiple battery lab machine lines completed


    Multiple battery lab machine lines completed In February 2020, we received a consultation email from surepower materials, Inc of USA. on how to make coin cell batteries, cylindrical batteries and punch cell batteries. After our engineers know their experiment purpose, experiment production demand ect, and recommend suitable machine equipment such as Roll sliiting machine, Ultrasonic Welding Machine and Cutter Machine to them. After the discussion of their technicians and the competition with more than ten companies, we have gained advantages in price, quality and service. We signed the contract in mid February. Our company adheres to the principle of "customer first". Even in the face of the epidemic, we still stick to our work. After two months of overtime production, we delivered the goods on time in May, which did not fail to meet the expectations of our customers.

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  • Finish European Custom Coater

    Finish European Custom Coater


    In January 2020, a new year comes with new visitors, we are honored to have the customers from Europe came to visit our company. They need to customize two coaters with 15 meters long drying oven for battery cathode and anode coating. After one day's communication, we have finalize the machine drawing and related details for purchasing, delivery, field installation.  After two months of production, the machine has been done in a good condition. We have taken operation videos and pictures to customers for their final check and they were very satisfied about it. The goods were delivered at the end of March.  Happily, we have now confirmed a new order with us about the 400 * 450 roller press, look forward to our further cooperation.

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  • A Pouch Cell Lab Line Setted Up in Xiangtan University Successfully

    A Pouch Cell Lab Line Setted Up in Xiangtan University Successfully


    A Pouch Cell Lab Line Setted Up in Xiangtan University Successfully In September 2019, the purchase and doctor of Xiangtan University visited our factory and visited our sample room of the battery lab line. They were very satisfied with LITH's equipment. After one afternoon's negotiation, they settled the details of the equipment to be purchased and the service terms.  In October 2019, Xiangtan University officially signed a contract with LITH and completed the down payment within one week. In December 2019, they completed the balance payment, all machines (glove box, roller press, sealing machine, electrode die cutter, pouch cell cup forming machine, etc.) were delivered to Xiangtan University. After one-day installation and commissioning on December 12, 2019, all machines passed the inspection of the university. After three days of careful training, the research people of the Xiangtan University had already well known the operation process of all equipment.  Thanks to the cooperation of Xiangtan University.

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  • Indian Battery Pack Assembly Line Order Completed Successfully

    Indian Battery Pack Assembly Line Order Completed Successfully


       In August 2019, an Indian customer came to visit our factory to learn about pack assembly line equipment, including spot welder, sorter, battery charging and discharging equipment, resistance tester, etc. After an afternoon's visit, he was very satisfied with our factory.    In October 2019, he formally placed an order for a whole line of equpments for battery pack assembly.    After a month, Lith delivered all machines on time. Thanks for customer’s recognition, we look forward to the next cooperation.

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  • Russian Customer---A Perfect Ending in Installation of Battery Production Line

    Russian Customer---A Perfect Ending in Installation of Battery Production Line


       On September 10, 2019, the project leaders of LiTH battery equipments limited led the technical team to Russia to installed the battery production machines in customer’s facility. After two weeks hard working, the machine installation and commission were successfully completed, and the battery trial production was reached a perfect result. The customers were very satisfied with the service and machine quality of LITH. After discussion with LITH project leaders, the Russian customer decided to purchase a new cylindrical battery production line from LITH again. The LITH technical team were committed to providing the customers with the best solution within these 2 months.    A project ends , a new project came.     See you next year! Russian friends.

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