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CVD Made 3D Graphene Foam Sheet Base for Nickel Foam

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CVD Made 3D Graphene Foam Sheet Base for Nickel Foam

CVD Made 3D Graphene Foam Sheet Base for Nickel Foam

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CVD Made 3D Graphene Foam Sheet

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The 3D Graphene Foam is made via chemical vapor deposition (CVD) processing.
In course of CVD fabrication of graphene hydrogen and methane gases are introduced into a furnace that heats to 1000° Celsius. This structure has a high surface area, which opens several exciting applications for Graphene Foam while maintaining most of two-dimensional graphene’s properties.
CVD processing of Graphene Foam opens a cost-effective route for engineering a new class of ultra-light, highly conductive graphene-based materials with exceptional mechanical strength, flexibility, and elasticity.

Sample size



1.2 mm(The size can be customized)

Carbon content

99%, no metal support


4 mg/cm3

Pore Size

580 microns


 in sealed membrane box 

Graphene Foam

Graphene Foam

CE Certificate

Cooperative Brand


  1 Standard exported package: Internal anticollision protection, external export wooden box packaging.

  2 Shipping by express, by air, by sea according to customers' requirements to find the most suitable way.

  3 Responsible for the damage during the shipping process, will change the damaged part for you for free.


DELIVERY TIME : 15-20 days after confirming the order, detail delivery date should be decided according to 

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