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Battery Roll to Roll Slot Die Coater Intermittent Coating Machine

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Battery Roll to Roll Slot Die Coater Intermittent Coating Machine

Battery Roll to Roll Slot Die Coater Intermittent Coating Machine

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Battery Roll to Roll Slot Die Coater Intermittent Coating Machine

Equipment Specifications

1. Thickness of substrate: aluminum foil: 0.010--0.030mm copper foil: 0.006-0.030mm

2. Width of substrate: aluminum foil: 100-320mm copper foil: 100-320mm

3. Maximum coating wet film thickness: 80--400µm (under the conditions of paste viscosity)

4. The maximum width of coating: 360mm,

5. Maximum width of coating roll surface (steel roll): 450mm

6. Mechanical transport speed: 0.5—7M/min (maximum speed)

7. Coating speed: 0.1-1.0M/min is the best (depending on the drying conditions, the speed is different depending on the slurry) (the supercapacitor coating is faster, usually it can be set to about 1M/min).

8. Oven length: 1 section of oven × 1.5 m/section = 1.5 m

Equipment performance

1. Coating method: extrusion coating

Intermittent coating distance: 5-8000mm±1mm (adjustable according to battery specifications).

2. Coating accuracy:

2.1. Accuracy error of dry thickness: single-sided positive electrode: ±2.5µm negative electrode ±2.5µm (4-5 points for cross-section measurement, and 100mm for vertical section measurement distance).

2.2. Alignment error of front and back coating: ≤±1.0mm

2.3. Average length error: ≤±1.0mm

2.4. Average width error: ≤±1.0mm

Note: The above indexes 1 and 2 should work best when the slurry conditions (viscosity, particle size, uniformity, etc.) match the settings of various parameters of the equipment.

3. Core inner diameter: 3 inches with air shaft

4. Tension control: Swing arm tension PID control

5. Correction controller accuracy: ±0.01mm; Correction accuracy: ±1mm

6. The operator operates the coating mechanism from the front

7. Drying form:

(1) Hot air drying: hot air circulation (upward air supply); or upper and lower air supply;

(2) Heating method: electric heating 5.0KW×1 section=5.0KW;

(3) heater;

8. Oven length: 1 section of oven × 1.0 m/section = 1.0 m

9. Oven material: both inside and outside are made of stainless steel

10. Oven temperature: room temperature--150℃ adjustable, temperature control accuracy <±5℃;

Process flow

The electrode sheet base material placed on the unwinding device enters the swing arm tension system after automatic deviation correction. After adjusting the unwinding tension, it enters the coating head, and the electrode slurry is coated according to the setting procedure of the coating system. The coated wet electrode sheet enters the oven for drying by hot air. The tension of the dried electrode sheet is adjusted by the tension system, and the winding speed is controlled at the same time, so that it is synchronized with the coating speed. The electrode sheet is automatically corrected by the correction system to keep it in the center position, and is wound by the winding device.


1. Unwinding mechanism (with automatic deviation correction device)

The device is composed of servo unwinding, unwinding shaft with tension control, automatic deviation correction system, etc. The coil is pulled out and enters the swing arm tension device after automatic deviation correction. The device transmits the tension change during operation to the tension controller through the sensor, so as to achieve constant tension.


2. Swing arm tension mechanism

The mechanism consists of rollers, position sensors, etc. The swing arm tension system absorbs the temporary changes in the storage space due to acceleration, deceleration, unwinding and starting the reel, and space fluctuations during the coating interval, so that the impact on the coating is minimized. The tension of the substrate is adjusted by the position of the swing arm, so that the substrate maintains a constant tension during the coating process, and the unwinding speed and the coating speed are controlled to keep synchronization.


3. Coating mechanism

This machine is controlled by PLC and is equipped with high-tech automation equipment of precision machinery and opto-mechanical integration. It consists of extrusion die, coating roller, drive motor, optical fiber sensor, precision bearing and high-performance pneumatic components. Among them, the drive motor, reducer, pneumatic control, and the bearing of the coating roller are precision bearings. The man-machine interface, PLC, etc. constitute an intermittent coating system, and the coating program is designed according to the user's process size.

The coating method has two working modes: continuous coating and intermittent coating. For intermittent coating, the coating length and intermittent spacing of the first side and the back side can be set respectively, and two coating lengths can be set separately for each side. and intermittent distance to meet the special requirements of users. The set parameters can be continuously adjusted according to the specifications of the battery (single pulse) with a resolution accuracy of 0.01mm. After the back coating is automatically positioned by the optical fiber sensor tracking the first surface, the coating is carried out according to the parameters set on the back. Applicator roll and back roll speed indicators are set and displayed on the touch screen.


4. Drying system

The drying system consists of heater, fan, exhaust duct and air hole, insulation box, inspection door, etc. The insulation box has a 1.0-meter section, a total of one section. The inner and outer parts of the box are made of stainless steel poles. The box body is a thermal insulation structure to prevent heat loss and safe operation. After the coated wet pole pieces enter the drying box, the box adopts the upper air drying method for efficient drying For drying, the dry air is sent by the fan to be heated by the hot air heater, and then sent to the inside of the oven, and is evenly blown to the wet coating by the air hole, and the dried air is discharged to the outdoors by the exhaust fan.


5. Take-up mechanism

This device is composed of oven outlet, swing arm tension mechanism, belt drive device and winding tension sensor system. The tempo stays in sync.


6. Rewinding mechanism

The device consists of a servo motor, a winding shaft, and an automatic deviation correction system. During the winding process, the device can make the winding shaft track the position of the pole piece, so that the edge of the winding pole piece can be kept neat.


7. Coating and drying automatic control system

(1) Coating control system: This system consists of PLC, servo motor, touch screen and optical fiber sensor. As a human-machine interface, the touch screen has a friendly picture, intuitive display and convenient operation. During the coating process of this machine, the line speed of the coating roller, the coating speed and the number of coated sheets are automatically displayed on the touch screen, and the parameters set can be finely revised at any time according to the requirements of the production process.

(2) Temperature and control: This system is composed of temperature regulator, thermocouple, heater, relay, etc. It measures and automatically controls the internal temperature of each section of drying oven

Main configuration

The machine control system and structure system is a highly integrated closed-loop control system, the main configuration is as follows:






Rack structure


Integrated vertical plate structure, embracing processing, plus precise positioning pins to ensure position accuracy and stability


Unwinding part

Correction form

Photoelectric edge patrol, motor drive, overall movement correction

Correction stroke


Unwinding form

Automatic unwinding of motor speed reducer

Roll up method

3" air shaft

Maximum roll diameter



Coating roller




carbon steel, chrome plated

Drive mode

Servo motor + reducer


Coating mode

Extrusion head

Effective width 300mm, material: stainless steel plated carbide

Extrusion head position control system

Cylinder push, mechanical adjustment, precise adjustment of the mechanism

Extrusion head membrane tibial pressure

High precision pressure gauge 0-1MPa


Feeding system

Screw pump

Bingshen pump HEISHIN servo control feeding

Transfer tank

5L, constant temperature control, liquid level control, pneumatic stirring, filter

Coating valve

Pneumatic single valve

Pipeline system

Sanitary piping system, no dead ends


Tension Control System

Structure type

Swing arm tension, low friction cylinder


Guide Roller (Over Roller)

Control mode

Speed PID control

Tension (N)



Aluminum alloy roll, width 340mm, hard anodized


Operation panel

Touch screen

Operate according to the function interface


Operating platform


Some functions are the same as button operation


1. Automatic control of front and rear tension:

1.1 Fully integrated Panasonic system;

1.2 Unwinding mechanism;

1.3 Rewinding device;

1.4 Motor unwinding.


2. Front and rear automatic correction system:

2.1 Correction controller: Aibo correction system;

2.2 Detection head: photoelectric detection


3. Main control system:

3.1 Operation interface: touch screen;

3.2 Coating shaft and steel roller: Yaskawa servo motor;

3.3 Extrusion die: driven by cylinder;

3.4 Program controller: Panasonic PLC and control module;

3.5 Heating tube: domestic;

3.6 Temperature control probe: thermocouple.


4. Oven:

4.1 Material inside and outside the box: stainless steel: (SS304 stainless steel)

4.2 Box insulation: the thickness of the insulation layer is 50mm;

4.3 Fan: domestic;

4.4 Air duct: stainless steel;

4.5 Rack: carbon steel parts + paint


5. Machine head and unwinding integrated parts Machine tail and receiving parts

5.1 Worktable: nickel-plated surface;

5.2 Large bearing seat: nickel-plated surface;

5.3 Coating roller: carbon steel with chrome plating on the surface;

5.4 Rubber roller: corrosion-resistant rubber;

5.5 Aluminum roller: aluminum alloy (surface anodized hard anodized)

5.6 Inflatable shaft: chrome plating on the surface

pouch cell production line


  1 Standard exported package: Internal anticollision protection, external export wooden box packaging.

  2 Shipping by express, by air, by sea according to customers' requirements to find the most suitable way.

  3 Responsible for the damage during the shipping process, will change the damaged part for you for free.


DELIVERY TIME:15-20 days after confirming the order, detail delivery date should be decided according to 

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