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Lab Prismatic Battery Steel/Aluminum Case Sealing Machine

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Lab Prismatic Battery Steel/Aluminum Case Sealing Machine

Lab Prismatic Battery Steel/Aluminum Case Sealing Machine

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Lab Prismatic Battery Steel/Aluminum Case Sealing Machine

1、 Equipment Overview

It is suitable for automatic vacuum pumping and steel ball sealing of steel/aluminum case square battery (the equipment can be placed in the glove box for use).

2. Equipment action process

The equipment adopts a left and right dual chamber dual station structure, and the battery loading and unloading and steel ball punching work simultaneously, Place the battery into the fixed fixture → The feeding cylinder sends the battery into the bead area (another fixed fixture retreats into the feeding position) → The sealing cylinder presses down to seal → Start vacuuming to -85~95Kpa (→ also on the other side of the battery) → Send a steel ball before the bead cylinder → The bead cylinder will be inserted → All mechanisms reset → Charge and compress the air to release the vacuum → The feeding cylinder sends another battery into the bead area and exits the completed bead battery at the same time;

Overall structure (attached figure): The body size is approximately: L1200mm × W800mm × H1700mm (including rack)

(If necessary: installed in the glove box: the main body size is about "L1100 × W800 × H850mm ", the operation panel and control box can be placed outside the Glovebox.)


3、 Process performance

Left and right dual workstation upper and lower batteries, manual feeding method; Vacuum first, then apply steel balls; The steel ball storage tank has a certain capacity and is easy to operate; The vacuuming time and vacuum pressure value can be easily set on the panel; The upper and lower cavities are equipped with positioning devices to ensure the accuracy of bead casting; The initial fixture size and steel balls are suitable for the model provided in the order; The main components of the machine are all chrome plated, which is rust proof and corrosion-resistant; The independent control electric box is placed outside the Glovebox to avoid corrosion; Programmable controller PLC automatic control, human-machine display operation, intuitive and convenient; The entire machine operates safely, stably, with reliable control and convenient operation.

4、 Technical parameters


Configure power supply

220V/50HZ power 0.1kw



Compressed air

≥ 0.6mpa 10L/min (provided by the user)



Vacuum source

-0.09mpa, 40L/min (supplied by supplier, vacuum pump model FY-2C-N)



Equipment weight

About 350Kg



Equipment size

L1200mm × W800mm × H1700mm (including rack)



Steel Ball

φ1.4-2.2mm stainless steel ball (one of the specifications)



Balling deviation accuracy

≤ 0.03mm



Vacuum value control




Vacuum pumping time

within 1-999 seconds



Pressure relief control

0.1~0.6 Kpa



Equipment capacity

≥ 5PPM (associated parameters vacuum and pressure holding time of 8s, vacuum value -85Kpa, vacuum pump 10L/min)



Pass rate

≥ 99.5%

5、 General equipment configuration and standards

1. Equipment appearance color: International standard warm gray lC

2. Measure 40mm away from the outer wall of the machine, with equipment noise ≤ 60 db

3. The equipment complies with the relevant national safety standards for equipment, as well as all safety standards and requirements required by the buyer's relevant safety codes.

4. Attached are Chinese operation manuals and equipment maintenance manuals.

5. Randomly deliver electrical control diagrams, pneumatic control diagrams, and purchased component manuals, source program codes, and other materials for the equipment.

6. Provide a list and drawings of each component for equipment replacement.

7. Provide a list of vulnerable parts, including name, quantity of individual units, specifications or drawings, brand, estimated service life, and other information.

6、 Composition of main components of the equipment


Mechanical part



Rack mechanism



Equipped with chrome plated platform bottom plate, chrome plated columns, etc



Transposition mechanism



Equipped with a displacement cylinder, guide rail, sliding base plate, and vacuum chamber, two vacuum chambers achieve alternating operation of clamping and steel ball punching;



Sealing mechanism of combined cavity



Equipped with a sealed cover plate (chrome plated), lifted by a cylinder, and four guide pillars;



Steel ball feeding mechanism



Equipped with steel ball groove, steel ball pipeline, ball feeding ejector pin (imported SKD hardening treatment), ball feeding cylinder, and sealing cylinder installed on the sealing cover plate;



Ball striking mechanism



Equipped with chrome plated sealing seat plate, steel ball ejector pin (imported SKD hardening treatment), and steel ball cylinder;



Fixture mechanism



Equipped with battery positioning support plate, elastic pressure plate, and cylinder positioning pressure plate, equipped with clamp positioning battery, set in the vacuum chamber

7、 Main components






Control PLC




Electrical control devices




Human-machine display




Vacuum gauge








Pneumatic components




Guide rail


8、 Equipment can adapt to incoming materials and product specifications

Cylindrical battery: H (60-180) × Diameter (25-45) mm

Square battery: H (60-280) × W (40-150) mm × T (15-60) mm

Note: When the diameter of the steel ball is fixed, the equipment replacement positioning fixture can be compatible with other sizes of batteries;


  1 Standard exported package: Internal anticollision protection, external export wooden box packaging.

  2 Shipping by express, by air, by sea according to customers' requirements to find the most suitable way.

  3 Responsible for the damage during the shipping process, will change the damaged part for you for free.


DELIVERY TIME:15-20 days after confirming the order, detail delivery date should be decided according to 

production season and order quantity.