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Customized Titanium Fiber Felt Ti Felt for Fuel Cell

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Customized Titanium Fiber Felt Ti Felt for Fuel Cell

Customized Titanium Fiber Felt Ti Felt for Fuel Cell

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Customized Titanium Fiber Felt Ti Felt for Fuel Cell

LITH can provide titanium fiber felt for fuel cell. the thickness can be 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm For more product information and ordering detail, please contact:


The newly developed metal titanium fiber felt by our company is made according to foreign technical standards, using micron-level pure titanium fibers through a special paving process and a special ultra-high temperature vacuum sintering process. Compared with titanium mesh titanium powder sintered plate, titanium fiber felt has an excellent three-dimensional network porous structure, high porosity, several times larger surface area, uniform pore size distribution, strong corrosion resistance, good water permeability, high porosity, and heat dissipation Good performance, high current density, low voltage, stable performance, long life and so on. It is widely used in various industries such as military industry, aerospace, civil, medical care and so on. In various domestic industries, the titanium fiber felt produced by our company is a good alternative to imported products. Our company can customize and produce titanium fiber felt with various specifications and properties according to customer requirements.

Titanium fiber felts are primarily used in electrolyzer stacks as the flow field or diffuser material, particularly on the oxygen (anode) side.  Since electrolyzer hardwares cannot use carbon-based gas diffusion layers (GDLs) at the oxygen evolution electrode due to immediate oxidation of carbon to CO2 (if the medium is acidic) or carbonate ions (if the medium is basic) during the electrolysis reaction, titanium fiber felt becomes an ideal candidate as the diffusion medium and also provide electrical contact between the anode catalyst layer and bipolar plate or current collector component at the anode side. Our titanium fiber felts are produced from small-diameter titanium fibers that has been compressed to flattened form and annealed (i.e., sintered), ensuring a smooth, flat surface suitable for use in electrolyzer.  While the most industrial applications operate their electrolyzers in the anode-fed mode, this product is also an ideal diffusion medium for researchers conducting cathode-fed electrolyzer research.

While the most industrial applications operate their electrolyzers in the anode-fed mode and this product makes an excellent diffusion medium for the oxygen evolution electrode, it can also be used as an ideal diffusion medium for researchers conducting cathode-fed electrolyzer research.

For unitized fuel cells or electrolyzers or regenerative electrochemical devices systems, titanium fiber felt can be used at anode or cathode as the diffusion medium.  Electrochemical oxygen concentrators, electrochemical inerters, certain class of batteries such as redox flow batteries, etc. can also benefit from this product as the diffusion medium regardless of the nature of the reactants.

When Should I use a Platinized Titanium Fiber Felt?
Untreated titanium fiber felt will not be consumed as a carbon Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) will, however, the presence of the oxygen does have an impact if the electrolyzer is being operated at high pressures (1 bar to 3 bars).  Untreated titanium surface will quickly form an electrically insulation oxide layer (TiO2) on the surface of the of the small-diameter fibers under high O2 pressures that will eventually affect the efficiency of the overall system.  This oxide coating will behave as an electrical insulator and will therefore increase the interfacial resistance in the cell, thereby lowering the electrochemical performance.  

The oxidation of titanium fibers existing in the felt can be prevented by gold coating or platinum coating.  The surface platinization of titanium generates a coating that is electrically conductive and chemically stable under regular electrolysis operational conditions and extends the lifetime of the bulk of titanium, which is ideal for applications that demand high performance and long lifetime.  Prevention of the formation of TiO2 would greatly stabilize the electrochemical performance of the electrolyzer or the intended electrochemical device.

Specifications of Titanium Fiber Felt:

Main features:

Color Light grey
Dimension Customized as request
Thickness 0.2mm-2mm Often made thickness (0.25,0.4,0.6,0.8mm)
Porosity 60-70%

This product is usually available as in-stock item, otherwise the lead times would be around 2 weeks.

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