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Congratulations on the twenty years anniversary

Congratulations on the twenty years anniversary


The twenty years, shenfa people struggled out from extremely hard and bitter situation.

The twenty years, shenfa people grow out of nothing, expand from a small to a large force, from weak to strong.

The twenty years, shenfa people sharpened by wind and rain, advance bravely towards the goal and finally see the rainbowl!

Twenty years process with wind and rain, twenty years hard working by day and night, twenty years ups and down, twenty years stand together through storm and stress, achieves a manufacturing myth.

Twenty years before, Mr. Wu Fufu at life's full flowering, struggled out from marsh land brought an expectation and a dream, facing a wider champaign, began reclamation hardly……

Since then, days and nights, countless hard working in middle nights and dawns accompanied with this seven feet tall……

The twenty years endless but transient

The twenty years are worthy to be recalled, memorized and bear in mind

The twenty years full of hard struggling, spread all over down-to-earth, and also loading glorious future

The twenty years need modern shenfa people to memorize business starting hardship, make persistent efforts, keep forging ahead

The twenty years are worthy to be noted down in Shenfa history and even in this specialty printing field history in china!

Shenfa company reviewed the past twenty years, shenfa decision-makers based on honesty, cooperated friendly with all colleagues, business partners and relative departments, won great care, support and sincere cooperation by his sincerity and honesty. Just because of so much shoulder to shoulder, standing together regardless situation from so many sectors and levels, we achieved such glorious twenty years.

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