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Anaerobic Incubator With Anaerobic Bacteria Or Anaerobic Chamber

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Anaerobic Incubator With Anaerobic Bacteria Or Anaerobic Chamber Anaerobic Incubator With Anaerobic Bacteria Or Anaerobic Chamber

Anaerobic Incubator With Anaerobic Bacteria Or Anaerobic Chamber

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Anaerobic Incubator With Anaerobic Bacteria Or Anaerobic Chamber


Product Descriptions:

The anaerobic incubator is a special device for bacterial culture and operation in an anaerobic environment. It provides a rigorous anaerobic state, constant temperature culture conditions, and a systematic, scientific work area. Operating the culture in the device allows the cultivation of a variety of anaerobic organisms that require growth in an anaerobic environment while avoiding the risk of anaerobic organisms being exposed to oxygen and dying while operating in the atmosphere. Therefore, the device is an ideal specialized instrument for anaerobic biological testing units and anaerobic biological research units. The device is also a good instrument for multi-purpose use. For example, the built-in oxygen-containing detector (for self-matching) can be used to detect and meet the flow regulating device required for the operation panel. Enter the specified oxygen content of microaerobic bacteria to meet the growth and reproduction of microaerobic bacteria to provide good growth conditions.

Product Feature

The anaerobic incubator is composed of a culture operation chamber, a vacuum sampling chamber, a gas path, and a circuit control system. The machine has novel shape, compact structure, good anaerobic environment, good sealing performance, high temperature control precision, good stability, convenient use, gas saving, economy, safe and reliable work. Its characteristics are as follows:
1. Use scientific and advanced means to achieve high precision in anaerobic environment, with good constancy and reliable use.

2. Incubator temperature control adopts high-precision digital display regulator, which can accurately and intuitively reflect the temperature inside the box and can automatically control the temperature. It is an effective temperature-limiting protection device to ensure the culture grows under safe temperature environment.

3. The chamber is equipped with ultraviolet germicidal lamps, which can effectively avoid the contamination of bacteria.

4. The pneumatic device can adjust the flow rate arbitrarily and accurately, and can input various required gases arbitrarily.

5. The air circuit switch adopts a lock switch to control the solenoid valve and is flexible in operation.

6. The front window of the operation room is made of thick transparent special glass, which can clearly observe the indoor operation situation clearly. It is reliable, comfortable, flexible and easy to use.

7. The indoor deoxygenation catalytic converter can completely remove residual oxygen in the culture operation chamber.

8. The incubator has an over-temperature alarm function. When the temperature inside the box is higher than the alarm set value, the heating circuit can be automatically cut off and a light alarm signal is emitted.

1. The sampling chamber forms an anaerobic state for no more than 5 minutes.

2. The culturing chamber forms an anaerobic state for no more than one hour.

3. The culture operation room maintains an anaerobic state within 12 hours while stopping the replenishment of the trace mixed gas.

4. Temperature control range: the lowest is 3 °C higher than the outside of the box, the highest is 60 °C.

5. Temperature fluctuation ≤ ± 0.1 ° C.

6. Temperature distribution uniformity ≤ ± 1.0 ° C.

7. Culture operation room volume: 820 × 550 × 660mm

8. Working power supply: AC 220 V 50 Hz.

9. Rated power: 1000 W

10. Fuse specifications: 8A

Anaerobic Incubator

Anaerobic Incubator


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